2010 Super Stock 8 Rules

This division will be a combination of both stock uni-body/full frame cars and also stock front snout frame cars with either
2”x3” square tubing or 2”x2” square tubing or round tubing with rear leaf spring suspension only (old T&L type cars).  
After market type bodies such as Five Star and Performance on either chassis OK. No late model type chassis allowed.

1. Body
Any full size American made car or truck with a 101”  wheelbase (+/- 1" tolerance). Car must have steel roof. Body must
be mounted on a stock chassis from the same OEM manufacturer. Any stock body. Aluminum or sheet metal may be
used to repair. NO WINGS OR SKIRTS!! May run 8” rear spoiler must be self supporting can not go over quarter panel
sides. Rubber nose OK. Camaros OK.

2. Chassis
Must have a full roll cage and all safety equipment listed in the General Rules. May tie uni-body together with steel
tubing. Must have full front firewall (does not have to be in stock location) and stock full floor pan past the driver. Must
have a metal rear firewall. Rear of car must be closed. All firewall holes must be covered.  Fords may run perimeter/full
frame chassis with any Ford bodies.

3. Suspension
Must use stock suspension (meaning stock for the chassis it is on). Any shocks, Heim joints OK on shocks only. NO
COIL OVERS! Must be in stock location and one end must be in the stock mounts. The other end of the shock can be
raised or lowered for travel . Springs in stock location only. Stock appearing leaf springs only. Any non- adjustable
lowering block. Can run tubular upper control arms NON ADJUSTABLE! No extra suspension mounting holes and no
adjustable links where the factory didn’t put them. Adjustable spring spacers ok. Screw jacks in the rear OK on coil
spring cars. Screw jacks in the front OK. Adjustable buckets on front springs OK. Camaros must use leaf spring, NO

4. Rear End:
Any stock type. Including Ford 9”, Floaters OK. Cutting of the top trailing arms for  pinion angle OK.

5. Brakes:
Drum or disk aftermarket rotors OK with stock style calipers. Any brake or clutch pedals. Brake adjusters OK.

6. Wheels:
Steel only, 8”wide max. Any offsets, wheel spacers OK. May run Bead locks on right side ONLY.

7. Tires:
60 or 70 series stock over the counter street tires. Tires must punch 60.

8. Drive Shaft:
Any steel should be painted white.

9. Transmission:
OEM stock straight drive or automatic. May remove unused gears, but must have working forward and reverse gears.
No lightening of gears. Automatic must work like stock and have a torque converter that works like stock and holds as
much fluid as a stock converter. Must have a working reverse.  

10. Flywheels:
Stock type, must weigh 14 lbs. Must have either stock type clutch and pressure plate . Must not be a lightened down
version and the disk must have springs in it and look stock. Or you may run small triple disc clutch. No couplings. 5.5
clutch may run flex plate. Any stock type clutch pressure plate/flywheel assembly must have approved steel scatter
shield installed.

11. Engine setback:
#1 sparkplug in line or in front of top ball joint. 0 tolerance.

12. Fuel:
Turbo Blue or Sunoco 110 octane must pass fuel test.

13. Weights:
Stock uni-body / full frame = 3100 lbs

Stock front snout tubing to the rear = 3200 lbs
602 Crate engine cars will get a 300 lbs weight break = 2800 lbs
604 Crate engine cars will get a 100 lbs weight break = 3000 lbs

Claimed weights must be painted on the hood of the drivers’ side in 3” min. lettering.

14. Engine:
Engine specs: Must match make of car (Chevy for Chevy, Ford for Ford, etc.) 365 Max cid. Or GM Crate motor part #
88958602, or GM Crate motor part # 8895604. All crate motors are sealed and must remain sealed and can not be
altered in anyway, and are subject to be tested for vacuum and compression anytime.

14a. Fuel Pump:
Stock only.

15. Blocks:
OEM (stock off the street) only.

16. Pistons:
Any flat top. No deck rule

17. Crank:
Steel crank must weigh 50 lbs minimum, cast 48 lbs minimum. Stock stroke + or - .010 max. No polishing or lightening of
counter weights or throws (for performance gain Techman discretion). No stroking or de-stroking engines. After market
crank shafts that are stock appearing and meet weight requirements and are stock stroke OK. For example, Eagle
#4350 3480 and Scat #4-350-3480 OK.

18. Oil Pan:
Any wet sump.

19. Head:
Any stock production cast iron straight plug head that came out on a streetcar except Vortec. Ports must not be altered
by any means what so ever. Can’t bore below valve guide boss. All angles must be concentric with valve guide. No hand
grinding. Roller rockers and stud girdles allowed. .750 blend may have .750 hand blend from top of 45 degree-7/8 will
be wrong! Screw in studs and guide plate OK.

19a. Optional head-Dart Iron Eagle Sportsman Head # 10110010F. 180* Intake Ports, 49 cc, 47 min.  202 intake 160
exhaust. (added 6-26-10)

20. Alternative Head:
World products s/r replacement head with these heads, may have competition valve jobs. These heads may be angle
milled but must remain stock otherwise.

20a. Rods:
Any steel rods.  No aluminum or titanium.

21. Valves:
No titanium.  2.02 intakes, 1.6 exhaust valves. Whatever is stock for other brands? +.010 max. Stem diameter/stock
stem size for head. Under cut ok. You may cut multiple angles on the valve head.

22. Valve Springs:
Any steel, single or double. Any size.

23. Retainers:
Steel only.

23a. Timing Chain:
Any timing chain. No belt or gear drives.

24. Cam:
Hydraulic or Mechanical .500” lift max. Hydraulic checked with zero lash and Mechanical checked with .025” lash. Any
hydraulic or solid flat tappet lifter. Stock diameter only.

25. Lifter:
Stock diameter.  No roller lifter.

26. Intake:
Stock production streetcar cast iron only. No Bowtie intakes or Brzezinski. You may use Edelbrock Performer #2101
Aluminum intake. No modifications.
Optional intake: any four barrel intake untouched  add 50 lbs. (If this intake dominates at this weight we will add weight
in 25 lb. increments to even the cars out.)

27. Carb:
Any Quadrajet or 4777 Holley 650 CFM OK. Must have Choke Horn. May remove Choke Flap.
Adapter plate if need 1” max.

28. Ignition:
Stock, any wires.  MSD okay!

29. Header:
Headers OK.

Claimer rule on crate motors only. 602 - $3000. 604 - $5000. Track will keep $50.
Engine will be received with accessories as supplied from GM. Only highest finishing crate engine may be claimed. Only
driver on the same lap can claim. If more than one person claims, the driver finishing the farthest back gets 1st choice.

Two things only, $300 with track retaining $100. Bottom end,  $600 with track retaining $100.