1.       1980 or newer front wheel drive passenger cars.� No all wheel drive or all wheel steering cars.� No
convertibles, trucks, or station wagons.

2.       Body must maintain original dimensions.� Floor pan, trunk pan, front and rear inner wheel wells must remain
stock and in stock location.� Doors must be welded shut and in stock location.

3.       Interior trim must be removed:� carpet, side panels, etc.� Fabricated dash boards allowed or just remove dash.
�� Must remove all lights.

4.       3 trash bars must be added in front of driver. �Must have two hood pins to hold down hood.� Where seat back
was located, add 20 gauge sheet metal cover, if fuel tank is located behind rear axle.� Fuel cell recommended.

5.       Minimum 4 point roll cage of seamless steel round tubing with a minimum outside diameter of 1.5� and a
minimum wall thickness of .083.� Only remove metal from door to allow clearance around roll cage door bars.� 3
driver door bars mandatory.

6.       Engine:� Must remain in stock location.� Must remain 4 cylinder as delivered by factory.� No turbo or super
charged engines.� No Cosworth or rotary engines.� No factory or after market high performance parts allowed on
engine or drive train.� Stock carburetor of fuel injection system to match car being competed in.� NO cold air intakes.
� No nitrous, racing or pump gas only.� Dual overhead cam engines must add 100 lbs.

7.       Wheels:� All wheels on car must be same size but can have different size tires for stagger.� Aftermarket
wheels ok.� Tires must have DOT stamp for highway use.

8.       Seat and belts:� Rear seat must be removed.� Must have shoulder straps.� Aluminum racing seat and safety
harness recommended.� Quick release steering wheels ok.

9.       Weights:� 1lb. per engine c.c. with minimum weight of 2000 lbs.� Dual overhead cam engines must add 100
lbs to engine c.c.�s.� For example, 2000 c.c. DOHC must weigh 2100 lbs minimum.

10.   Suspension:� No adjustable strut bushing.� No altering of stock location, shocks, or struts.� Only stock
suspension parts allowed.� No cutting or lightening for parts allowed.� Springs may not be heated or shortened to
lower car.