Rear wheel drive Young Gun rules are the same as Pure Stock 4
(Except driver ages see below).

Junior UCAR is an entry level class for drivers with no previous racing experience for the ages of 12 to 17.  It allows
the participants to learn about the construction and maintenance of a race car, track procedures, racing etiquette,
gain seat time, and to have fun participating on dirt track.  The cost of racing will be at a minimum with emphasis on
safety, fun, and a very competitive class that will result in learning for the driver.  (No upper age limit for women.)  If 17
on January 1, you are eligible for the rest of the year.

1.       1980 or newer front wheel drive passenger cars.� No all wheel drive or all wheel steering cars.� No convertibles,
trucks, or station wagons.

2.       Body must maintain original dimensions.� Floor pan, trunk pan, front and rear inner wheel wells must remain stock and
in stock location.� Doors must be welded shut and in stock location.

3.       Interior trim must be removed:� carpet, side panels, etc.� Fabricated dash boards allowed or just remove dash.��
Must remove all lights.

4.       3 trash bars must be added in front of driver. �Must have two hood pins to hold down hood.� Where seat back was
located, add 20 gauge sheet metal cover, if fuel tank is located behind rear axle.� Fuel cell recommended.

5.       Minimum 4 point roll cage of seamless steel round tubing with a minimum outside diameter of 1.5� and a minimum
wall thickness of .083.� Only remove metal from door to allow clearance around roll cage door bars.� 3 driver door bars

6.       Engine:� Must remain in stock location.� Must remain 4 cylinder as delivered by factory.� No turbo or super charged
engines.� No Cosworth or rotary engines.� No factory or after market high performance parts allowed on engine or drive train.
� Stock carburetor of fuel injection system to match car being competed in.� NO cold air intakes.� No nitrous, racing or pump
gas only.� Dual overhead cam engines must add 100 lbs.

7.       Wheels:� All wheels on car must be same size but can have different size tires for stagger.� Aftermarket wheels ok.�
Tires must have DOT stamp for highway use.

8.       Seat and belts:� Rear seat must be removed.� Must have shoulder straps.� Aluminum racing seat and safety harness
recommended.� Quick release steering wheels ok.

9.       Weights:� 1lb. per engine c.c. with minimum weight of 2000 lbs.� Dual overhead cam engines must add 100 lbs to
engine c.c.�s.� For example, 2000 c.c. DOHC must weigh 2100 lbs minimum.

10.   Suspension:� No adjustable strut bushing.� No altering of stock location, shocks, or struts.� Only stock suspension
parts allowed.� No cutting or lightening for parts allowed.� Springs may not be heated or shortened to lower car.