1.    BODY- Any full size American made car or truck.  Aftermarket bodies (Five Star, Performance Bodies, etc.) will be
allowed, but must be track approved.  Must be same manufacture as chassis (Chevy on Chevy, Ford on Ford).  No  
jeeps, 4x4's, station wagons. Camaros/Firebirds will be allowed to run. WHEELBASE min. is 102" with a 1" tolerance. 6"
REAR SPOILERS ok.  Side spoilers 6" x 12" ok.  Doors, fenders and quarter panels may be fabricated of steel or  
aluminum, but must be stock appearing. Must have steel OEM roof.  Steel floor pans must be present. Trunk floor pans
may be removed. Firewall may be moved for engine clearance.  Rubber nose ok.  Boxing in of interior ok.  

2.    CHASSIS - Uni-bodies may be tied together. Hulling is legal.  Must have a full roll cage constructed of a min. 1 1/2"
tubing.  4 point cage ok with forward and rear bracing.

3.   FRAME - Must be OEM for make and model.  Fords may run perimeter framed chassis with unified body.  Frame
must have stock dimensions with no alterations for year model claimed.  Frames may be x braced.  

4.    Front inner fender wells may be removed. Fender wells may be cut  for tire clearance. No added hood scoops of
any kind. If the hood came  with a factory hood scoop, it is ok, but must be blocked and not functional.  

5.    Fuel cell is mandatory. Safety belts, harness and fire extinguishermandatory. Must be track approved.  

6.    FUEL- Racing fuel ok. Must have steel firewall separating driver from fuel cell and trunk area with all holes filled or
covered in both front and rear firewalls.  112 octane max.  No additives.  ($50 fuel protest)  

7.    WEIGHT- 3200 lbs. for 70cc or greater heads.  3300 lbs. for 62cc min. heads.  Large valves must add an additional
50 lbs. to these weights.  Weights claimed and head ccs (either 62cc or 70cc) must be painted on hood.  

8.    SUSPENSION- Must be stock and in the stock location.  May run racing springs. No Chrysler rear leaf springs on
GM chassis. Front springs may be changed and adjustable buckets ok. Spring shackles ok. Upper A-frame may be cut
for caster. Non-adjustable tubular upper A-arms ok. Shocks must be in the stock  location. Rear shocks location must be
stock on top, can be moved on the bottom for travel length only. (Can not change angle.) Hiem joints on rear shocks ok.
No adjustable or aluminum shocks allowed. Adjustable trailing arms (for rear end pinion angle ok).  

9.    TRANSMISSION- Factory OEM manual or automatic ok. NO  Bert, Brinn,  Jericho or direct drives. Automatics must
have a working torque  converter. FLYWHEEL must weigh 14 lbs min. CLUTCH - stock type  pressure plate and clutch
disc of 10 1/2" min. Steel scatter shield mandatory  with manual transmission, may be fabricated from 3/16" steel and
track approved.  Factory slave hydraulic release cylinder ok. No aftermarket hydraulic release  bearings.  

10.   REAR END- Posi-track, limited slip, or locked rear ends ok.  Mini-spool ok. 9" Ford in all cars ok for safety. Floater
rear-ends ok.  Aftermarket axles ok.  

11.   BRAKES - 4 wheel working brakes mandatory. No brake adjusters. Racing pedals ok.  

12.   TIRES- Any 60 or 70 series dot street tires. No racing  tires or recaps. No grooving or cutting allowed.  

13.   WHEELS - Steel only, 8" wide max. Bead lock on right rear only. Large wheel studs recommended. 14" or 15" ok.  
Any offset and wheel spacers ok.  

14.    DRIVE SHAFT- Must be painted white with car # on it. Must have a safety loop 8"-12" to rear of transmission where
drive shaft  inserts into transmission. 1 1/2" min. diameter steel only.  

15.    ENGINE- #1 plug even with top of ball joint. RODS - Any 5.7 I-beam steel rod.  No grinding or lightening.  No small
journal rods (2.00") in a 350 engine.  Stronger rod bolts may be used. Polishing, stress relieving, balancing and  floating
pins are optional. MAX. OVERBORE IS .060", 0" deck ok. CUBIC INCH - GM & FORD 365 cubic inch max.  Chrysler 374
cubic inch max.   

OPTIONAL ENGINE - GM OEM crate engine #88958602 may run with the Holley 650 #4777 or the Holley #80777 at
3300 lbs. The weight on this engine  may be changed during the season in the interest of competitive racing. Buy out  
rule for this engine is $3000.

16.   CAM & LIFTERS - .425" hydraulic max. with 0" lash.  Anti-pump up lifters ok. Must be stock diameter lifters. Roller
Rockers optional a $200 buyout applies.

17.   HEADS- Stock OEM straight plug cast iron heads only (62 cc min.). Must weigh 3300 lbs. (70 cc or greater) Must
weigh 3200 lbs.  No vortex or angle plug heads. Screw in studs and guide plates ok. VALVE SPRINGS - Stock diameter
single valve springs (1.250") and stock  rocker arms for the engine used. No hand blending. VALVES - Steel only. 1.94"
intake, 1.5" exhaust. 2.02" intake, 1.6" exhaust must add 50 lbs.  Competitive valve job ok. Bowl cut to the top of the
valve guide boss ok, but must be concentric.  RETAINERS - Any steel.  

18.    INTAKE- Stock cast iron intake for engine used or performer  #2101 aluminum intake ok (not the rpm version).
May run 1" max. spacer plate. No bowtie or Brezenski intakes. HEADERS - ok.  

19.    PISTONS- Stock type OEM or replacement type (no  lightweights). Must have 4 valve reliefs or dish type only.  

20.    CRANKSHAFT- Stock OEM only. Stock stroke only. GM  is 3.48" only. Must have GM part #. May be balanced. No
knife edging. CAST 48 lbs. min. STEEL 50 lbs. min.  

21.    BLOCK - Cast iron OEM only. Max. overbore .060 (.005 tolerance for wear). No aftermarket or bowtie.

22.    IGNITION- Stock type only. HEI ok. Brass dist. gear  ok. COIL - Any. NO MSD.  

23.     FUEL PUMP- NO ELECTRIC. FUEL - Such as sold  at the track. NO ADDITIVES. 112 octane max. ($50 fuel

24.    CARBURETOR- Any OEM two barrel or four barrel. Holley 600 CFM single line  #1850 ok.  1" max. spacer plate
ok.  There will be a $300 buyout  rule for any carburetor run.  

25.     OIL PAN - Any wet sump.  

26.     PROTEST- $150 with track retaining $50, bottom end  is $300.  

27.    Renegade drivers may race in any other division on the same race night.  
RENEGADE V8 - 2010