1.  BODY - Must have stock appearing body.  Compact cars and trucks only.  All glass and upholstery must be

removed.  Aftermarket nose and rear bumper cover ok.  Complete stock floor pan and firewall.  Bodies may be cut for
tire clearance.  No added pieces to body such as skirts or ground effects.  SPOILERS - rear spoiler 6" x trunk width.  6"
x 12" side spoilers ok.  Aluminum doors, fenders, and quarter panels ok.  Must retain stock shape and appearance.  
Interior may be boxed in.  Hole in hood for air cleaner clearance ok.  Must have 2 1/2" deflector in front and sides of air
filter.  Chevy trucks may run Ford or Toyota engines as long as those engines meet track specs.

2.   ROLL CAGE - Must have a rollcage, four point cages legal, but must have forward and rearward bracing with four
bars in the driver's door and three bars minimum in the passenger door.  Doors must be welded closed.  

3.  TIRES - Any 60/70 x 13"/14"/15"/16" across the counter DOT street tire ok.

4.   GAS TANK may be mounted inside of trunk with rear firewall to separate drivers' compartment.

5.   WHEELS - Any  steel wheels, 7" max. width.  May be re-reinforced for safety.  Large wheel studs ok.  Bead lock on
right rear ok.  Any offset and  wheel spacers ok.

6.   SEAT must be securely mounted to the frame.  SEATBELT and SHOULDER HARNESS MANDATORY.  FIRE

7.   FUEL - Pump gas or racing gas such as sold at the racetrack.  112 octane max.  No additives.

($50 fuel protest)

8.   Car must have car number on top and side of car.  

9.   Drivers must pick up winnings each night.  Money not picked up each night will be forfeited.  Drivers must attend
drivers' meetings.

10.  NO rotary engines or turbo four cylinders.  Single overhead cam engines only.  Two valves per cylinder max.  
Adjustable cam gear permitted.

*11.   CARBURETOR - Stock two barrel carburetor or  Holley 350 cfm #7448, or Holley 350 cfm  #0-80787-1, or
Motorcraft 350 ok.  Must have air horn with part # on it.  No modifications.

12.   SPACER - 1" max. spacer.  May cut intake for Holley carb.  No grinding.

13.   INTAKES - Stock OEM.  May be interchanged from one size to another.  No fuel injection intakes.

14.   FLYWHEEL - Must weigh a min. of 16 lbs.  Must have stock type clutch and pressure plate.

*15.   IGNITION - Stock ignition, MSD/Mel’s ignition ok.  Billet ok.  Crank trigger ok for Chevy.

16.   RADIATOR - may be supported.  Bars allowed in front of radiator but must be behind grill.

17.   CAM LIFT - Solid .425" max. lift with .025" lash at valve for solid.  Hydraulic checked with .000 lash.  No rollers.  
Single overhead cams only.

18.   RODS - Any steel rod.  

*19.   VALVES - Any steel valve.  RETAINERS - Any steel.  Must be stock valve diam. and stock size single valve
springs with dampener ok.  Doubles ok.  Stock rocker arms.  No rollers.

20.   WEIGHT - Car must weigh 1 lb. per cc.  Minimum weight 2000 lbs.  CC's must be painted on hood.

21.  NO HEADERS - Stock cast iron only.  No factory headers.

*22.   SUSPENSION - Must be stock suspension.  No screw jacks, racing springs ok. Lowering blocks ok. Adjustable
cups ok (springs must be in stock location).  May run spring buckets.  Caster and camber plates ok.  May cut A frame
for caster and camber.  Steel body non-adjustable racing shocks or struts ok; must be in stock location on stock
mounts.  No Hiem joints.  May change pinion angle by cutting rear top control arm only.  Bushings may be steel or
nylon.  Pan hard bar may be cut but must have stock ends, non-adjustable.

23.   SPOILERS - 6" x trunk width.  6" x 12" side spoiler ok.  Hood scoops ok.  2 1/2" max.  Must be boxed in and not

24.   COIL SPRINGS may be changed.  Rear leafs may have shackles.  Front struts may have plate for caster and
camber adjustment.

25.   HEADS - Stock OEM only.  May be interchanged from one engine size to another (same manufacturer).  No
porting or polishing.  Any competitive valve job, any angle, depth not to exceed stock valve guide.  May have a .750
hand blend from top of valve seat into the bowl.

26.   BLOCK - Stock OEM with .080 max. overbore.

27.   PISTONS - Flat top only.  Toyota may run factory dome pistons (max. height .235" 3tc engine/.125" 20r or 22r
engine).  Chamber in the head may not be ground.

28.   CRANKSHAFT - Stock crank.  Stock stroke.  No aftermarket. May be lightened and balanced.  BALANCER - Any.

29.   OIL PAN - Large oil pan permitted. No dry sumps.

30.   ENGINE LOCATION - Must be mounted in stock location.

31.   INTERIORS - may be boxed in.  Aftermarket nose pieces ok.  Rear bumper covers ok.

32.   REAR ENDS - Any stock type up to 8.8" for make of car.  No spools or gun drilled axles.

33.   TRANSMISSIONS - Stock type with working forward and reverse.

34.  BRAKES - Stock type, no brake adjusters within reach of driver.

35.   PROTEST - Three items only $300 with the track retaining $100.  Bottom end $400 with the track retaining $100.