Young Guns 4 ( November 2nd 2013)

Age Limit is 10-17 years old

1980 or newer front wheel drive, 4 cylinder passenger cars only.  No all wheel drive or all wheel
steering allowed.
May remove exhaust pipe and mufflers
All wheels on car must be the same size and offset
Must have working brakes
Tires must have DOT stamp for highway use
No hp tires – must be stock passenger car tires
Passenger seat and rear seat must be removed
Aluminum racing seat required
Must run 5 point racing seat belts


Body must maintain original dimensions, standard as from the manufacturer
Floor pan, trunk pan, front and rear inner wheel wells must remain stock and in stock location
Interior trim must be removed
Hood must be held shut with at least 2 hood pins
Must add at least 3 crash bars in front of driver
May run bar in front of radiator but not hook into roll cage
Fabricated dash board ok
Must add 20 gauge sheet meal cover rear of seat (where back seat was located)
Doors must remain in stock location
Doors must be welded shut in an approved manner
Doors may only have metal removed to allow for clearance around the roll cage door bars
Fenders and quarter panels may not be trimmed for tire clearance
Must have at least a 4 point cage
Weight: 20lbs per factory rated horse power


Stock engine location – no set backs
Stock 4 cylinder engine only.  Engine must remain stock as delivered by factory
No cosworth or rotary engines allowed
No turbo-charged or super charged engines allowed
No 22a Hondas
All engines must be used in the model of car for which they were manufactured
No factory or after market high performance components will be allowed in the engine or drive


Stock fuel injection system for the make and model of car being competed
Stock production air filter element required
K & N ok


Stock carburetor for the make and model of car being competed


Only stock suspension parts allowed.  No Cutting or lightening of suspension parts allowed
Springs may not be heated or shortened to lower car
No adjustable strut bushing or altering of stock location on shocks and struts

100% Bone Stock RWD four cylinder cars may be allowed to run in this race at the promoters


Protest any 3 items - $300
Acceptance fee - $100
Track keeps $100