Stock 4 - 2014

Stock unless otherwise stated.

Body: Stock auto only must meet drawings provided by track on web site or at the track.
Inter panel may be removed; must have stock front firewall in stock location and floor pan.
Must have rear firewall or driver compartment must be boxed in. Rear of car must be
closed (No holes or flaps) and Aluminum doors and fenders okay; must retain stock shape
and appearance; aftermarket nose okay. Must run hood; must run rear deck lid. May have 2
½" hood scoop must be boxed in. No ground effects or skirts NO WEDGE BODIES!

Chassis: Must have roll cage and all safety equipment cage must be secured to unibody;
may tie chassis together on top of floor pan only.

Suspension: Must be stock suspension. Ford-aftermarket strut kit or screw jacks legal-
either/or- FRONT suspension ONLY. Must remain in stock location. Lowering blocks OK.
Adjuster cups OK. Racing springs OK (springs must be in stock location). May run spring
buckets, caster and camber plates OK. May cut A frame for caster & camber, Steel body non
adjustable Racing shocks or struts OK; must be in stock location on stock mounts. NO
heims. May change pinion angle by cutting rear top control arm only. Bushings may be
steel, nylon or monoball. Pan hard bar may be cut but must have stock ends, non-

Rear End: Any stock up to 8.8" for make of car may lighten ring gear and carrier only. No
gun drilled axels. Axels subject to compare to known stock. May lock by welding. No full
spools- mini spools OK. Housing cannot be modified for gear clearance.

Brakes: Stock for make of car; May have racing pedals. Dual master cylinder OK ; NO
adjustment within reach of driver. All four wheel working brakes. NO drilled rotors or drums
lightened on the outside.

Wheels: Steel up to 7". May be reinforced. Large wheel studs okay.

Tires: Hoosier RC400 only. Bead lock OK right side.

Drive shaft: 1 1/2" OD or larger steel. Must be painted white with car number on it. .

Transmission: Stock. Must have all working gears. Must have safety loop.

Flywheel: Stock flywheel allowed must weigh 16 lb. (May balance with weld or drill holes
only and must be outside of clutch disc ring) Must have stock or stock replacement clutch
and pressure plate 7.5 " Min. Studs for pressure plate OK. Cannot relocate bolt hole
pattern. Scalloped cut ok-add 50 lbs.

Engine Location: Stock. NO engine set back!

Fuel: Must pass track test. Fuel tank must be mounted inside of trunk.

Weight: 1 pound per CC, (2000 lb minimum) Car's CC must be posted on hood. Must have
correct CC for the engine you are running. Formula for cc's Bore x Bore x .7854 x Stroke 4 =
cid. Then divide by .061. (Tech man will allow 5cc's for wear only). All weight penalties must
be claimed on hood.

Engine Specs: No rotary or turbo or double OHC permitted (NO vacuum Pumps).

Block: OEM only .080 over bore maximum. Wear tolerance will be allowed.

Crank: Stock Crank. Stock stroke. No knife edging or lightening of any kind allowed. Main or
rod journals can’t be turned more than .060" under stock.

Rods: Any steel.

Piston: Any flat top. Toyota 1600 & 1800 may run dome of .235" max. - .267" dome will be
allowed- add 50 lbs. 20R may run dome of .125" max.

Oil pan: Any wet.

Heads: OEM many be changed from one size engine to another. May have competition
valve job, any angle, and any depth. Valve guide boss must remain stock. All angles must
be concentric with valve guide.

Valve: Any steel valve stock diameter under cut stem OK.

Valve Springs: Single spring with damper; doubles OK must be steel.

Retainers: Any steel.

Cam: Max Lift .425" with .025" lash at valve for solid and 0 lash for hydraulic, no rollers.

Lifter: Stock and diameter. Solid OK.

Intake: OEM only; may be bored straight down for clearance, no radius or blending. No fuel
injection manifolds except for Chevrolet and any other engine which came only with fuel
injection. May modify for carburetor, but must be approved before race.

Fuel Pump: Stock or electric.

Carburetor: Stock 4 cylinder carburetor for make of car or Holley 350 CFM (#7448 or 0-80787-
1) Must pass track gauges. Must have air horn with #, may cut end of screw, No thinning of
shafts, No grinding or polishing. Float bowl must face towards front of engine. 22R OK on

Adapter: Can run 1" max thickness adapter for carburetor with 2 gaskets only @ .070" max
thickness each or may run 1 stock gasket with out adapter.

Ignition: Stock. Mel’s ignition ok. Billet OK. Crank trigger OK for Nissan & Chevy.

Header: Stock cast iron exhaust manifold or A Schoenfeld Header ford may run # f-234v or #
235v Toyota can run # t168. Only headers allowed

Water Pump: No electric pumps allowed

Protest: (Two things only) $300.00 with track retaining $100.00

Bottom end only protest: $400.00 with track retaining $100.00

Under hood visual protest: $50.00 straight fee to look at carb and stock exhaust manifold.
(After heats only)

Tire Chemical Protest: $100.00 per tire to protest. $100 per tire acceptance fee. 3 grooved
strips removed from tire & sent for lab testing.

Fuel Protest- $50.00