Cars must be neat in appearance
Car must weigh 3400 pounds with driver after race
8” wheels max .25” tolerance – 14 or 15” – must be same size all the way around
TIRES: 60 or 70 series radials – no directionals or competition tires, no dot racing tires, 8” towel city recaps ok,
Hoosier G-60 Ok. 8" American Racer  / 8" Good Year okay.  May run beadlock on right side only
May run offset rims and wheel spacers
Stock brakes and master cylinders
Oem brake calipers only
Duel master cylinder ok – no adjuster in reach of driver
Headers are legal but must exit parallel to ground
Aluminum radiator with make brackets ok
Fuel cell must be mounted inside of trunk with firewall between driver and fuel cell
Seat must be securely fastened to frame and/or roll cage
Track fuel only -  must pass track test
Cars must have number on sides and top and able to be read by score tower
Stock unless otherwise stated

BODY – visual protest only

Stock unless otherwise stated
1968 or newer American made car
No station wagons, trucks, jeeps, convertibles
Rear of car must be closed – no holes or flaps
Must have a deck lid
Body must be same contour to the original body but may use aluminum
May make front fenders and rear fenders
Cannot exceed 46” from ground to the top of the rear spoiler
Must have stock roof
Aluminum door and fenders ok but must retain stock shape and appearance
Top of 6”spoiler must not be higher than bottom of rear glass and must be self supporting
No wings or skirts that alter stock appearance
Interior can be boxed in
Front and rear bumpers – rubber nose ok – stock appearing – no cow scoop
Hood scoop must be no higher that 2” and completely boxed in
Front inside wheel wells can be cut or removed for clearance but not excessive
Made quarter panel pieces must start at bottom of bumper and go in a straight line to wheel opening
All firewall holes must be covered
Must have stock firewall in original location
May replace dash with sheet metal – interior metal cannot be higher than dash
Gutting hood and trunk ok
May use lexan in rear side windows


Frame must match make and model of car – 1” tolerance +/- allowed
No shortening of frame – must be stock – no x-ing or cutting of frame
Length between spring eyes must be stock
108” wheel base minimum +/- 1”
Engine must be in stock location
Radiator must be in stock position


Any oem stock size engine with flat top pistons – max size 363 plus .060 over bore max.
No big blocks
Stock blocks only
Pistons must have a 4 valve relief
No 2 eye brow pistons with scratches
Pistons – chevy .100” deep and ford .040” deep
Stock type fuel pump
No vacuum systems of any type
Must be mounted in original location
Any 5.7 stock appearing rod ok (eagle, str, scat -  i-beam)
Floated wrist pins ok
No small journal rods (2.000”) in a 350 engine
Roller rockers ok
No bottoming of lifters
Any stock appearing crankshaft
May use 305 crank with a 350
No knife edging or lightening, etc.
Steel crank must weigh 50 lbs
Cast crank must weigh 48 lbs
No stroking or destroking
Scat or eagle ok
Only way to balance is drill the counter weights
Journals may be turned no more than .060”
Big market oil pan is ok – no kick out in front of pan
Valley pan ok
No dry sumps allowed
Any timing chain – no belt or gear drives
Any oem chevy or ford cast block straps or spayed caps ok


Any low compression open chamber head
No vortec heads or angle flowed heads
No closed chamber heads
Pin studs in heads ok
Stock size of valve for make – max. 1.94 for intake and 1.50 for exhaust
screw in studs and guide plates ok
rocker arms stamped steel 1.5 or 1.6 ok or roller 1.5 or 1.6 ok – see buy rule
stud girdles ok
any steel retainer
no hand blending
no porting or polishing
steel valves only
stock stem diameter
valve cover breather allowed
3 angle valve job ok.  May use single radius cut to relieve top angle and to single bowl cut to relieve bottom
angle.  The bowl area must retain same configuration as far as shape and finish as it was from the manufacturer.
65 CC”s minimal


Stock cast iron
No porting or polishing
No holley factory intakes
2101 ok


No modifications except choke flap removal
No removal of choke horn
May run holley 600 cfm #1850 carb
Has to be stock appearing on outside with stock tube and float bowl
Must have air horn with number
Adapter plate mr. gasket #1932 only ¾” thick
May run a the ¼” thick Q-jet gasket
May run a box stock 650 holley #4777
May use a 1” max thickness adapter if using holley carb on Q-jet intake with (2) .070” max thickness gaskets only


Hydraulic cam and lifters only
Maximum .425 lift at valve
No swapping of any lobes – must be in stock order


Stock steel flywheel – 14 lbs. minimum
Stock type clutch and pressure plate – minimum 10.5”
May use hydraulic clutch


Must be stock with all working forward and reverse gears
Automatic transmission torque converter stock type and 11” minimum
May run transmission cooler
After market throw out bearing ok
Automatic transmissions ok
No lightening of gears
Straight drive trans. cars must have blow proof bell housing or scatter shield of 1/8 steel
May use hydraulic clutch


Has to be stock for model of car
A “U” or square type safety loop on front of drive shaft assembly is required


Stock type ignition
Stock type distributor only
No altering firing order
Brass gear is legal
No msd with boxes


Gm 10 or 12 bolt rearend
9” ford or floater ok
Shocks have to be in stock location – may move for travel only – no angle change
May run after market axles
Any gear ratio allowed
Locked or limited slip rear ends allowed
Full spools ok
No gun drilled axels
No gun drilled rotors or scalloped rotors
No lightening of any parts
All components must be made of steel
Disk brakes ok – doesn’t have to match model of car
Can cut top of trailing arms for pinion angle


Suspension must be stock
May run racing springs with adjustable buckets
Top a-frame can be cut or move top mounting perch
No adjustable blocks – 2” of lowering blocks max.
Tube type a-arm on top only ok – non adjustable – screw in ball joints on top ok
Can use heavy duty OEM steering and suspension parts
Leaf or coil springs can be changed to stronger leaf or coils of the same type
Cutting of coil spring allowed- rear shims on coils are ok
Adjustable or non adjustable spring buckets ok
Shocks must be in shock location in front
Adjustable buckets in rear ok
All hook up points on chasis must be in stock location
Rear shock location must be stock on top and can be moved on bottom for travel length only
Cannot change angle of rear shock
Top trailing arm may be cut for pinion angle only
Leaf spring cars may adjust perches for pinion angle
May adjust rear shakles
After market bushing in a-frame and trailing arms ok but may not swivel
No heim joints on any shocks
May run any stock body racing shock


Protest bottom - $600
Roller rockers - $200
Protest any 3 items - $300
Acceptance fee - $100
Track keeps $100
Tech man has final say
Protest entire top end - $300