2016 Renegade V8 Division Rules
1. BODY - Any full/mid size American made car or truck. No jeeps, 4x4’s,will be allowed to run. WHEELBASE min.
is 101'' with a 1'' tolerance. 6'' REAR SPOILERS OK, Doors, fenders and quarter panels may be fabricated of
steel or aluminum, but must be stock appearing. Must have steel OEM roof (or stock appearing ) Floor pans must
be in stock location on drivers side... Trunk pans may be cut out . Firewall can be stock,made out of aluminum or
steel,May replace rear frame rails with tubing...New frame rails may not extend any futher forward than front leaf
spring or trailing arm mount,
2. CHASSIS - Uni-bodies may be tied together. Hulling is legal. Must have a full roll cage constructed of a min. 1
1/2'' tubing.
3. Front inner fender wells may be removed. Fender wells may be cut for tire clearance.
4. Fuel cell is mandatory. Safety belts, harness and fire extinguisher mandatory. Must be track approved.
5. FUEL - Racing fuel ok.
6. WEIGHT - 3200 lbs. 602 crate 3200lbs
If engine is unsealed it must fit ((((CRTEUSA modified engine rules)))) as of April 1st 2016
7. SUSPENSION - Must be in the stock location. May run racing springs. No Chrysler rear leaf springs on GM
chassis. Front springs may be changed and adjustable buckets ok. Spring shackles ok. Upper A-frame may be
cut for caster. Non-adjustable tubular upper A-arms ok. FRONT Shocks must be in the stock location.REAR
shocks may be relocated.Any non-adjustable steel body shock.
8. TRANSMISSION - Factory OEM manual or automatic ok. NO Bert, Brinn, Jericho or direct drives. Automatics
must have a working torque converter. FLYWHEEL must weigh 14 lbs min. CLUTCH-stock type pressure plate
and clutch disc of 10 1/2'' min. Steel scatter shield mandatory with manual transmission, may be fabricated from
3/16''steel and track approved. factory slave hydraulic release cylinder ok. after martket hyd release bearing
9. REAR END - Posi-track, limited slip, or locked rear ends ok. Mini-spool ok. 9” Ford in all cars ok for safety.
Aftermarket axles ok
10. BRAKES - 4 wheel working brakes mandatory.  brake adjusters inside car ok..... (NO 3 wheel brake shut off
allowed )
11. TIRES - (any 8" racing or dot )....MUST PUNCH a  40 or harder....and remain untouched. .....
12. WHEELS - Steel only, 8'' wide max. Bead lock, beadlock on Right side only. Large wheel studs recommended.
13. DRIVE SHAFT - Must be painted white with car # on it. Must have a safety loop 8”-12” to rear of transmission
where drive shaft inserts into transmission.
14. ENGINE - RODS - 5.7 OEM stock steel rods for engine used. Stronger rod bolts may be used. Polishing,
stress relieving, balancing and floating pins are optional.
****Added=Crankshaft: Factory stock for engine running or Scat part # 4-350-3480 or Eagle part #
ESP103503480 & ESP103523480 only. NO CUTTING ALLOWED.

**** Rods: Factory stock for engine running OK. NO WORK ALLOWED OF ANY KIND. May run any rod bolt. May
run Eagle rod part #ESP5700BPLW or Scat part # SCA-25700P. Floating pin OK. MAX. OVERBORE IS .060”, 0”
deck ok. CUBIC INCH - GM & FORD 365 cubic inch max. Chrysler 374 cubic inch max. Engine location must have
#1 spark plug aligned with front ball joint. (1” tolerance) Option :May run Sealed 602 crate engine
15. CAM & LIFTERS - .425 hydraulic max. with 0 lash. No rollers. Anti-pump up lifters ok. Must be stock lifters for
16. HEADS - Stock OEM straight plug cast iron heads only No less than 70 CC.. No closed chamber (high
performance heads) such as 461, 461x, 041, 186, or 492 castings. No vortex or angle plug heads. Screw in studs
and guide plates ok. VALVE SPRINGS - Stock diameter single valve springs (1.265") and stock rocker arms for
the engine used. ( 1.5 or 1.6.....stock style rockers ok
.Roller Rockers 1.5 or 1.6 and stud girdles ok .
. No hand blending. VALVES - Steel only. Max. size 1.94 intake, 1.5 exhaust.
17. INTAKE - Stock cast iron intake. may also run a 7101 or 2101 intake   
· may run a 1" open spacer with a 2101 intake only   
· no porting or polishing   
· no holley pattern factory intakes , carbs Holley 600 #1850 carb /holley 4777 650 cfm or Holley 500 # 4412 with
1'' max. spacer plate. No bowtie or Brezenski intakes. HEADERS - OK
18. PISTONS - Stock type OEM or replacement type (no lightweights). Must have 4 valve reliefs or dish type only.
19. CRANKSHAFT - Stock OEM only. Stock stroke only. GM is 3.48'' only. Must have GM part #. May be
balanced. No knife edging. CAST 48 lbs. min. STEEL 50 lbs. min.
20. IGNITION - Stock type only. HEI ok. Brass dist. gear ok. COIL - Any. NO MSD.
22. CARBURETOR - Holley 600 #1850 or 4777 650cfm [out of box}may run performer aluminum intake #2101 with
1'' max. spacer plate. Holley 600 may remove choke and re-jet. Max. throttle bore is 1 9/16''. Max. venturi size:
primary is 1.250'', secondary is 1 5/16''.also volley 4777 650cfm out of box may remove choke flap..... Holley 500
#4412 may run 1” max. spacer plate. Max. throttle bore is 1.6875''. Max. venturi size is 1.375''. QUADRA-JETS
OK, but must run stock OEM CAST IRON intake. NO BOW-TIE intako

(((((((PROTEST on 602 crate engines)))))))
Any protest items not specifically covered below are considered track protest items, track protest rules will apply
(this does include Claimable items).

1-Complete engine teardown: $1000 ($200 acceptance fee) - Engine will be impounded and checked by certified
builder.  $200 to the builder, $200 to the track $800 to the winner of the protest.

Non Sealed (engines that have been unsealed, not resealed by certified builder) $700 ($300 acceptance fee)-
Engine will be impounded and checked by a certified builder ($200 to builder- $200 to the track $600 to winner of
the protest).